a pure ecosystem of artists and fans

new ways for artists to engage fans

new ways for fans to support and engage artists

empowering fans to empower artists

music industry = artists + fans


Fans become your funders, marketers, and the only critics that matter 

Crowd funding

Finance new projects with your fans and let them share in your success

Crowd marketing

Music finds new audiences through social sharing and gifting

Close engagement

Keep your fans in the loop.  Don't let them miss new releases, gigs, or crowdfunding campaigns


Don't just buy it:  be a part of it

Be a part of it

  Contribute to your favourite artists and share in their success with crowd funding, crowd marketing, and crowd sourcing

Direct relationship

Have a direct relationship with your favourite artists, with no middlemen

Catch up with artists while you listen

Social music

Discover and share music with friends

See what friends are listening to, sharing, rating, and reviewing

directly benefit artists every time you stream, buy, or gift their music with Fannbase